How much does a bookkeeper cost | How much do we charge? how much does a bookkeeper cost

Our fees are based on the complexity of your tax return. We have a posted fee schedule readily available to the public at all of our offices. In general, we:

  • charge a fixed price for each tax form and worksheet used in the preparation of your tax return
  • may apply a per-item charge for certain items, like stock sales and depreciation
  • do not charge for line-items, such as interest income, unemployment, and dependents

Examples of our fees for common types of returns are shown below. We can provide a more precise estimate if we know more about your tax situation. We offer a Price Estimate Worksheet, which you can use to obtain a price estimate. Click here for the worksheet.

Individual Tax Return Preparation Fees

Our fees are generally form-based. For example, if your tax return includes Form 1040 and Schedule A, we would charge a fixed price for each of these forms but if you’re a business needing last minute help on your books in preparation to file, you can then expect an adjusted rate for the licensed labor and form fees.

Our fee schedule, outlines some of the most common tax return requests and accounting service requests that we see here at Blue Pearl Bookkeeping & Tax.  Refer to our Price Estimate Worksheet for quick price reference, but remember that it’s always best to set up and appointment with us to go over your financials and or at a very minimum give us a call to provide you with as much information as possible on the moment.
how much does a bookkeeper cost
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