Business Tax Audit Is One Of The Most Requested Services For Any Bookkeeper and Accountant

One of the most frightening dilemmas for any small business is an IRS audit. Blue Pearl has the experience, the expertise, and bandwidth to help your business if you are selected to being audited by the IRS. Blue Pearl Bookkeeping and Tax can help you whether you are a previous or current client, have a tax preparer or you have prepared your own taxes. We can help you get all your paperwork in order, find missing opportunities if any and stand by your side. Don’t risk doing more harm by helping yourself, hire a professional team like the one we can offer you here at Blue Pearl Bookkeeping & Tax. Send us a message and let us know what we can do for you.

Audits come in many forms,

– Correspondence Audit- where the IRS sends you a letter proposing changes or a request for more information.

– Office Audit- where you have been asked to visit the IRS field office to explain part of your tax return.

– Field Audit- where an IRS agent wants to visit your office or home to find out more about you and your tax return.

Should your account be selected for audit, you will be notified by mail. Make sure to bring that letter to us as soon as possible!

 business tax audit

Each audit approach has its own set of difficulties, we are professionals with the expertise to handle them. Don’t risk causing more harm by doing things yourself.


What we will do for you in an audit…

1.  We research and review your case

2.  We communicate with the IRS on your behalf

3.  Meet with the IRS on your behalf

4.  Argue your case on your behalf

5.  Attempt to resolve your case in a way that is most beneficial for you, not the IRS

Collections– you may owe the IRS for Income Taxes or Payroll Taxes…we can represent you to help get the IRS off your back.  There are various methods to alleviate the IRS Collections process.  Including: Offers in Compromise (OIC), Installment Agreements (IA), Currently Not Collectible (CNC) and Penalty Abatements.  Let Blue Pearl Bookkeeping & Tax help you ease the pain of IRS Collections.

Appeals– when you have already been audited but feel that your argument was not heard or considered, we can help.  Appeals are very time sensitive.  Never hesitate to contact us if you are thinking about appealing the IRS.  Appeals is another area where it is best not to represent yourself.


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