Is it time to hire someone to manage your books? Is your business getting your more busy even if your profits are not increasing? Downtown El Paso Texas skyline seen just after taxes preparation service and small business bookkeeping hvac plumbing company trusts blue pearl bookkeeping for tax and accounting servicesel paso bookkeeping and tax service for smbs small businesses year-round reporting, payroll, taxes

Is it time to hire someone?

No one starts a business to make a job for themselves.  We want more for ourselves and our business. For small businesses here in El Paso, TX with visions of growth, it’s typical to forget and not seek out a bookkeeper in the first few years. Is only after a few years when the owner, you, is buried in paperwork, IRS on breathing down your neck that business owners will often consider then search for a bookkeeping accounting service.  Thankfully for us tax and finance professionals, more and more these days, businesses are looking to outsource the bookkeeping function to an independent contractor or service like Blue Pearl during their 1st or second year.

Virtual bookkeeping

Many small businesses these days are taking advantage of the opportunities presented by virtual services and cloud technology. Offsite bookkeeping is a great option for our clients. After a short meeting where we learn about your business and ask you what it seems like a million questions, we will be able to quote you a low fixed monthly fee, provide you with internal tips and tricks and take the burden of all your accounting, invoicing, payroll out of your busy hands. This is a fantastic option for business owners who don’t want to worry about our log of hours, and are comfortable with the cyber-setup.

As a startup it’s very important that you set everything up the right way immediately, because as shake and move, suddenly you will get hit with a big project, a good client, and your time will spiral out of control destroying your administrative and financial tasks on its wake. Having a bookkeeper help you set up is key.


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Talking about launching a new business, have you heard of Vitanya of El Paso?

They just opened their franchise business here in El Paso and we can’t be any happier and more welcoming! Vitanya is like our recently launched Drug Testing Company, Conspire! of El Paso. They both believe in brain health, natural physical wellbeing and both aim at helping individuals and employers while providing affordable services.

If you are launching a franchise, your corporate leader might have a dedicated assigned bookkeeping professional and with great reason. Launching a business is one of the most difficult things to do even when opening a franchise. Don’t go at it alone, let us help you even if it’s with some free guidance.

Onsite bookkeeping

For some businesses it isn’t an option to go the virtual route. In those cases, we offer onsite bookkeepers on a scheduled basis that fits the needs of the client. We have bookkeepers who visit with clients as often as twice or three times per week, or as seldom as once per month. It’s up to you! Onsite bookkeeping is the best option for small businesses with a great amount of paperwork. As well, some business owners are simply not comfortable with their books being updated virtually. Onsite bookkeeping service is provided at an hourly rate on a contract basis.

Reporting and Analysis

Bookkeeping does not begin and end with a balanced checkbook and an Accounts Receivable report. Our bookkeepers keep a close eye on your financial statements, ratios, and the overall health of your business from a managerial and decision making point-of-view. You can count on us to alert you of any noticeable trends in your books. As well, we communicate often with our clients’ CPAs, as the work we do has a direct impact on tax planning strategies.

We like companies like theirs because we too believe in providing above average customer service, products and efficiency at the lowest fairest price possible. – Perla Diaz


We love companies like these, Conspire! which is managed by local business woman Jacqueline Gonzalez is out to make the drug testing industry a friendly place to work and a friendlier situation for all involved from employees to employers looking for total corporate wellness, fastest lab, employee drug free environments and more! All while eliminating all the bad things that make a typical employee and drug testing center a bad place to go to.

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corporate wellness


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El Paso Business Bookkeeping Case Study

El Paso Business Bookkeeping: Solutions at Work

Problem: Honest Maids in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas had a string of bad luck in the bookkeeping department. The owner started it as a side business, but through good work and good management the company suddenly grew making things very difficult to manage. Managing their own books with notepads, stickies and QuickBooks was not enough.

Solutions: After a first consultation and introduction, the owner Diana V, was ready to hire and have everything converted and moved over to your El Paso Business Bookkeeping Service. Whatever they had in paper and stickies was moved over to QuickBooks, and then manage their bookkeeping processes on an ongoing basis. Mission accomplished. The books are clean, up-to-date, and the company now has job specific financial information that they can use proactively.

“The team at Blue Pearl Tax does a great job communicating their intentions, and following through. We knew exactly what to expect every step of the way. We highly recommend QuickSolvers for any business that has bookkeeping or project needs related to QuickBooks. They are true experts!”



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el paso business bookkeeping, el paso bookkeeping and tax service for smbs small businesses year-round reporting, payroll, taxes